Friday, December 19, 2014

The first day of winter is December 21

We often think that because it’s winter, we are stuck inside… well that just isn’t the case. As long as it isn’t too cold and you bundle up for the winter weather, there are many fun and interesting activities you can do in the winter… most of them don’t even need snow. Warning: Fun will happen and a hat, gloves and winter coat are needed.  

Outdoor Winter Activities

  • Make your own icicles. Make a tiny hole in a hanging container (you can use a milk container and hang it up), fill it with water and then leave it slowly dripping. This activity was found on For complete experiment instructions, visit:
  • Play  tag, or hide and seek. These are great outdoor activities for any weather and snow forts make great places to hide.
  • Watch the sunset. The sun sets much earlier in the winter than it does in the summer. Sit outside and watch the sun set. Does it look different from a summer sunset?
  • Bird watch and work on your Animal Habitats Badge. Most birds usually fly south in the winter, but are there any birds that have stuck around for the cold season? Research birds that don’t fly south and learn as much as you can about them by observing them in their habitats.
  • Collect pinecones to make decorations. Pinecones make great holiday ornaments when you add you own personal touch.
  • Host a Girl Scout Cookie Walk-a-bout or a Cookie Booth Sale. Beginning at the end of January, gather the girls in your Girl Scout Troop and plan a Girl Scout Cookie Walk-a-bout around your neighborhood. Ask your Troop Leader for help with this. 
  • Play in the sand... or in this case the snow! Take out those sandbox toys and buckets and build some snow castles.
  • Build a snowperson. You can even get creative and make your snowwoman a Girl Scout. If you are looking for a real challenge incorporate Girl Scout Cookies when you build your snowperson.
  • Snow angels. Who doesn’t love trying to make a snow angel? The real test is trying to make a snow angel without getting hand or feet prints in it.
  • Sledding. Living on Long Island, we don’t always have snow, but when we do, find a small hill in your neighborhood (one away from the street) and go sledding.

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