Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exploring Diversity

Looking for new ways to help girls explore diversity?  Diversity is at the core of who Girl Scouts are.  Here are some ideas to help girls discover the WOW behind their own religion and ethnicity, and learn about others to become brighter together.

  • My Promise, My Faith - Girls connect Girl Scout values to their religion.  Look in our Girls Guide to Girl Scouting for activities for each level.
  • Religious Recognitions - Girls grow stronger while learning more specifically about their own faith.  For more information about each faith recognition, go to http://www.praypub.org/recognitions/girlscout.htm, or speak to the leaders at your house of worship.
  • It’s Your Story, Tell It! Journey Series – Investigate with girls the diverse stories of others around them.  You may want to try some of these ideas from the Journey books.  See each book for more details about these activities:
    • Daisy 3 Cheers for Animals – Create a Fantastical Animals flip book highlighting the differences between each animal.
    • Brownie World of Girls – Explore games that girls in different countries play.
    • Junior aMUSE – Engage in a game of Quick Draw and examine the stereotypes associated with each role.
    • Cadette MEdia – Diversify beauty by discovering ways different people and objects are beautiful.
    • Senior Mission: Sisterhood – Find the Beauty in Images of Beauty.
    • Ambassador Bliss: Live It! Give It! – Create a curtain of dreams with girls and adult guests.
  • Try reaching out to different houses of worship in your community. Ask if they might be willing to give your girls a tour and show them what keeping their faith is all about. 
  • Join one of our diversity task forces. We’re committed to helping girls connect their heritage, culture, and religion with Girl Scout values. Girls and adults are encouraged to join.

Hispanic Latina Taskforce – Contact Yari DeLeon at  deleony@gsnc.org
UMOJA Taskforce – Contact Yari DeLeon at  deleony@gsnc.org
Asian Taskforce – Contact Chris Ferry at ferryc@gsnc.org

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