Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The power of WORDS can move mountains!

Remember those days when your mother would tell you that “please” and “thank you” were the magic words. Well that still holds true today, especially when asking for help from girls or parents or thanking girls or parents for their time and effort. It is important to always be gracious and generous.

When there are parents that are not able to share or be as supportive as other parents, be as gracious as you are to the parents who go the extra miles. Be patient and non-judgmental. (You really don't know everything that they may have on their plates at work and at home.) Be kind. And, be extra sensitive to treat every child as kindly as you treat the others.

A simple “thank you” for a smaller task completed will make someone feel needed and appreciated and may compel them to go a step further the next time.

Special thanks to Joyce Wagner, Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Chief Mission Delivery Officer, for her input on this edition.

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