Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Give every girl a ROLE in the Troop, and a VOICE IN THE CHOICE. Let GIRLS LEAD!

Girl Scouts encourage girls to take on new roles, make choices, set goals and make decisions. We do that by giving every girl opportunities to make decisions in the group, to make choices as an individual and to explore various roles in the Troop.

Daisies and Brownies may need more assistance than girls who are in middle school and high school.  But even the youngest of girls can make choices between two or three options that you offer.  We can help girls expand their leadership skills by focusing on GOAL SETTING and teaching them various ways to make DECISIONS.

Here are some examples of roles for girls at each level…
  • Daisies can help hand out supplies or help with clean-up
  • Brownies can lead the Girl Scout Promise or the walk around the block
  • Juniors can work on writing out the caper chart or send out the emails for Troop meetings
  • Cadettes can lead a Journey activity
  • Seniors and Ambassadors can lead a meeting with an elected official in pursuit of a Take Action project

Special thanks to Joyce Wagner, Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Chief Mission Delivery Officer, for her input on this edition.

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