Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mags&Munchies… and Memories Program Tips for Girl Scouts!

Are you prepared for the 2014 Mags&Munchies… and Memories program? The 2014 Online program is in full swing, but the in-person program begins next week (September 29). Here are some helpful tips to help you “dive in” and reach for your goals! 

  • Set up the Online program first.  That way, your customers will have time to review the products and make their purchases before the October 29 order deadline.
  • Target your message. Take the time to personalize your Web Store with a photo and video, along with information about why you’re participating in this program and what your Troop is planning to do with the funds earned.  Also personalize your in-person “pitch.”  If you know someone likes making photo books, or has to give lots of holiday gifts, or enjoys reading – tell them about the products you’re offering that match their interests.
  • Remember donation programs Operation Stop Hunger and Project Thank You. If someone isn’t interested in Magazines, Nut/Snacks  or Photo keepsakes for themselves or gifts, suggest making a $5 donation to help Girl Scouts make a food donation to Operation Stop Hunger or a magazine subscription to Project Thank you.
  • When selling in person, wear something that identifies you as a Girl Scout. Most people are friendly and supportive when they see a girl in her vest or sash.
  • And remember, if you are going to walk around your neighborhood, always have an adult with you!

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