Friday, September 5, 2014

Join Girl Scouts as a Volunteer to Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders
Join Girl Scouts to Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders
By: Donna Ceravolo, CEO of Girl Scouts of Nassau County
Whether you have a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, cousin or just a great friend, the girl in your life needs Girl Scouting and Girl Scouts of Nassau County needs you! For every Troop, there a needs for a Troop leader, a volunteer, a role model for each and every Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadet, Senior and Ambassador from whom to learn new skills and learn something special about themselves.

Girl Scout volunteers open up doors that will shape the lives of dozens of girls at a time. Whether you’re a man or woman with — or without — scouting experience, there’s always room for more volunteers.

At Girl Scouts of Nassau County we serve approximately 20,000 girls in Nassau County. Each girl learns, explores and make strides — all with friends by her side. The moment when a Girl Scout tries something new, anything from robotics to business management, can be the moment she discovers something amazing about herself. We want to reach more girls than ever before, but in order to do that, we need more volunteers. 

All that matters is the desire to be a part of helping girls grow to become women of courage, confidence and character. Ninety-four percent of Girl Scout Volunteers and ninety-seven percent of members believe Girl Scouts provides them with new, fun and exciting experiences. With tons of girls searching for a Troop in their community, you can be the one to make the difference!

I urge the community, including mothers, fathers, college students and anyone who has an interest in participating to consider volunteering as a Troop Leader and joining over 7,000 adult members of GSNC who are making a significant difference in the lives of young women every day.

Troop Leaders are a quintessential part of our organization. By volunteering as a Troop Leader, you are given the ability to change a life. GSNC provides girls with a place to build confidence, learn and have fun with their peers, and it also provides Troop Leaders with the opportunity to share an unforgettable time with their daughter, neighbors and the community while making connections with other like-minded volunteers.

Above all else, remember, time as a Girl Scout will be a positive part of thousands of girls’ lives. They will carry these memories with them forever, and you could be the one that makes it happen, the one who helps us build the confidence and character of the next generations of amazing young women. Share the memories with your daughter; it’s a chance to bond, teach and learn together.

Let’s get more girls in our community exploring, imagining and realizing their own unique gifts. To join or volunteer, please visit our website at

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