Friday, July 25, 2014

What is the Difference Between a Gold Award Mentor and Project Advisor?

Here is the scenario…You are working on your Girl Scout Gold Award. Council has assigned you a Gold Award Mentor, but at the same time, they are telling saying you need to find a project advisor. You are sitting there wondering to yourself, "what is the difference between the two?"

Here is the difference between a Gold Award Project Advisor and A Gold Award Mentor:

Project Advisor:

You’ve figured out the issue you’re going to address with your project. Now it’s time to find an expert to help along the way and give you advice and suggestions. This is a person from your community who is knowledgeable in the topic area of your issue, so you can ask questions and brainstorm ideas together.  The only people that cannot be your Project Advisor are your GS Leaders or family members.

Once you researched and found someone that you think can help you, reach out to them in an e-mail, a letter , or in person. Explain that you are earning the Highest Award in Girl Scouts- the Gold Award.  Include the issue you want to address and ask if they are willing to assist you.  Most people are excited to help Girl Scouts earn their Gold Award. The Project Advisor will need to sign your Gold Award Proposal.  Don’t forget to thank them and exchange the best way to stay in contact.

Gold Award Mentor:

At your Gold Award interview you will be assigned a Gold Award Mentor from GSNC. All mentors are volunteers who give their time to help girls succeed.  She will be the person you can reach out to for advice on money earning, flyer approval, and any  questions on process, or any bumps in the road. She will be there to cheer you on.

It’s extremely important that you stay in contact with your Gold Award Mentor a few times a month to keep her updated on your progress because she will be the one to approve your project when it is completed. It is the girl’s responsibility to contact her Mentor; if there is no contact, the project will NOT be approved. If you some reason you cannot reach your Mentor, you must let GSNC know.

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