Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GSNC's Summer Patch Programs

Summer Patch Programs

Summer doesn’t have to mean the end of Girl Scouting. Now is the time to get the girls in your Troop together to do some of those activities that require a little more time and a lot warmer weather.  Kayaking, Troop Camping, Ice Cream Parties, Planting Trees and so much more… there are so many fun adventures and exciting memories to make. If you’re looking for someplace to start, try some of GSNC’s Summer Season Patch Programs.

SUM-MORE Girl Scouting Patch Program
In order to earn the SUM-MORE GIRL SCOUTING Patch, the Troop must complete the following requirements:
(a) Participate in two summer activities…. It can be any summer inspired activity that your Troop wishes to do from a picnic to a hike or even a trip to the water park. 
(b) Complete one service project… If you’re looking for some ideas, try a beach clean-up, planting a tree or collecting some school supplies for Astoria Bank’s Kids Tools for School Drive.
(c) Start regular meetings before the end of October… and don’t forget to re-register your Girl Scout Troop.

GSNC Summer Service Challenge
Every girl can make a difference this summer! We’re challenging you to perform community service All you need to do is tell us what kind of community service you performed and keep track of it. Simply print a copy of the GSNC Summer Service Challenge Log and fill it in every time you take part in a community service activity. At the end of the summer, return the log to the GSNC Shop. Let’s see how many hours Girl Scouts of Nassau County can get towards the Summer Service Challenge. We want to beat 1470 hours! Can We Do it? 

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