Friday, February 21, 2014

World Thinking Day 2014

When I “think” about World Thinking Day for Girl Scouts, it is kind of  overwhelming. How can you think about all the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world?

I have some great touchstones when I think of World Thinking Day because of the wonderful volunteers and girls who have given Girl Scouts of Nassau County an international experience over the years …

“Mama” Edith Katz, Nancy LeGloach, and Nina Pesci for many years served as the hosts for literally hundreds of girls over dozens of years who came from around the world to participate in international opportunities and events.  The girls would enter thru various NY airports and Mrs. Katz, Mrs. LeGloach and Mrs. Pesci were in charge of matching them with Girl Scout families in Nassau who opened their homes to these young travelers for their first few days in the USA, send them off to their GSUSA assignments, and then welcomed them back at the end of their journeys for a few more days of fun and celebration, before they returned to their homes.  Memories were made and I know that some of these girls have stayed in touch with their host families for many years.

I remember the four girls and their adult chaperone from El Salvador who came to visit us in 2002. My family had the privilege to host them in our home for a week.  I still stay in touch with these girls through the magic of Facebook!  

We welcome you to share your international experiences with us!

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