Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She's a Grand Old Flag!

She's a Grand Old Flag... Be Sure and Fly Her on Friday, June 14

By Donna Ceravolo

Okay, I want everyone who is reading this between right now and Friday, June 14, to go and get your American Flag(s), the one(s) that you post outside for holidays and special event and have it/them ready to post on Friday, June 14 ... Because June 14th is FLAG DAY each year ...

My family is pretty good about remembering to put our flags out for those great Monday holidays, and Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day, but I have to admit that there have been a few years when June 14 came and went, and only later did we realize that we had forgotten to post our flags on that very special day.

In doing some web searching for this piece, I found a number of stories of how June 14 became our Official Flag Day.  There is agreement that the Continental Congress adopted the forerunner to the current banner we recognize as the Flag of Our Country on June 14, 1777.  And most sources cite, Mr. Bernard J. Cigrand as the individual citizen who did the most to champion June 14 as a National Flag Day, beginning his crusade in 1885, when he was a school teacher in Wisconsin.  Mr. Cigrand eventually became a dentist and moved to Illinois and was President of the American Flag Day Association, and later the National Flag Day Society.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 as Flag Day, and in 1949 it was established by an Act of Congress.  However, Flag Day is not a national holiday. 

Here are some resources for learning more about Flag Day and how to honor this important symbol of the United States of America. 

"On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country ...."

Here is is how you can find some more information on Flag Day:

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