Friday, January 31, 2020

Different Ways to "Bling Your Booth" and Stay Within Your Booth Sale Location’s Guidelines

Different Ways to "Bling Your Booth" and Stay Within Your Booth Sale Location’s Guidelines

Today (January 31, 2020) is the official start of Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sales here in Nassau County! One of the fun things for your Girl Scouts to do during booth sale season is to “Bling your Booth.” But, how can you “Bling Your Booth” when your booth sale location has guidelines. Try some of these ideas:

Girl Scouts can set up the cookie packages and cases in a fun, decorative way. 

Have each of the Girl Scouts in your troop come up with a unique "elevator" pitch. Then let the girls take turns trying out their “elevator” pitch on customers. This gives each girl the opportunity to practice their marketing and people skills while at the booth sale. 

Make sure their vests/sashes are Girl Scout Cookie Season ready. The GSNC Shop even has a patch for that! When you go into the GSNC Shop for a uniform checkup, you will receive a free patch with your checkup and a $5 purchase!)

Get creative with unique Operation Cookie and Troop Gift of Caring donation containers.

Borrow Girl Scout Cookie costumes from the Volunteer Resource Center

As a troop activity, work with the girls to come up with some apparel or accessory Cookie Creations—Headbands, hair ties, necklaces, drawstring backpacks, or maybe even a T-shirt to wear under her vest/sash. As an added bonus, some of these activities can be used to earn badges like the Sewing badge and Jeweler badge. (No time to make it? Check out the GSNC Shop for Girl Scout Cookie apparel and accessories.)

Gather some paper and markers, and have your troop make handmade thank you cards to give out with every Girl Scout Cookie purchase. The words “thank you” can go a long way. 

Group some of the Girl Scout Cookie packages together into bundles.

Looking for Girl Scout Cookies? Find a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale using our Cookie Finder app

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