Monday, March 4, 2019

Indoor Earned Activities for New and Experienced Troop Leaders

Indoor Troop Meeting Activities

With all the cold weather we’ve had these last few weeks (yes, spring we are ready for you), our Girl Scout Leaders are thinking outside the box, planning indoor activities for their troop meetings... activities that keep Girl Scouts active, while also challenging them to try something new and different.  Besides selling Girl Scout Cookies outside during winter months, most troop meetings are likely to be spent inside where it is warm. Try some of these badges with your troop, while staying toasty... And if your troop is really are itching to spend some time in the outdoors, try winter/spring troop camping at Camp Blue Bay or your local Girl Scout Camp.

Don’t be intimidated by these badge titles! Everything is planned for troop leaders on the VTK, and the materials are not hard to come by.

Daisy (K-1)

  • Good Neighbor Badge- Learn about being a good neighbor and citizen at school, and explore the communities in your town and state. 
  • Roller Coaster Design Challenge Badge- Learn about engineering and motion by building a roller coaster car and ramp. 
  • How Robots Move: Learn about the parts of a robot and computer programming, and create step-by-step programs.
Brownie (2-3)

  • Celebrating Community Badge- Learn what a community is and explore the landmarks and symbols that makes it special.
  •  Girl Scout Way Badge- Learn all the things that make Girl Scouting special.
  • Household Elf Badge- Have fun solving problems and being good to the Earth. 
Junior (4-5)

  • Balloon Car Design Challenge Badge- Explore potential and kinetic energy, jet propulsion, and how it applies to designing a balloon-powered car. 
  • Detective Badge- Learn code, fingerprinting and observation skills. 
  • Entertainment Technology- Learn the art of animation, dream up video games, create special effects, and learn how to design a thrilling roller coaster ride. 
Cadettes (6-8)

  • Public Speaker Badge- Find your inner performer and learn how to be unafraid to speak up.
  • Screenwriter Badge- Create a screenplay for a show or movie. 
  • Eating for Beauty- Learn how to eat your way toward a healthy mood, mind, and body.
Seniors (9-10)

  • Financing My Future- Learn how to plan for your educational future, including ideas on how to pay for it. 
  • My Portfolio- Learn to show college admissions officers and employers what you’ve learned from your cookie sales experience. 
  • Troupe Performer- Learn how to organize a team of people and put together a performance. 
Ambassadors (11-12)
  • On My Own- Understand the importance of creating a budget- a skill that will help you wherever life leads.
  • Dinner Party- Learn how to make and serve a fabulous three-course meal. 
  • Good Credit- Learn about ways to borrow money and understand the importance of establishing good credit.

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