Friday, December 1, 2017

Girl Scout Troop 1254 and their Silver Award project

Girl Scout Troop 1254 recently received their Silver Award at the Garden City Association of Girl Scouts Awards Ceremony. Together, the girls developed programs to help shelter animals.

Ella, Mary and Deanna, created a reading program entitled “Reading to the Rescue” for Pets 4 Luv.  The girls donated a bookshelf that they personally painted with animals and bright colors to be placed at the main entrance of the center. The girls filled the bookshelf with books they collected throughout the year. The program helps young readers gain confidence as they read to a non-judgmental audience and it calms the animals and gives them the attention they need while they are waiting to be adopted.

Riley, Simran and Colleen instituted a field trip program that invites sister Girl Scouts, senior citizens and all members of the community to visit Pets 4 Luv.  Visitors are encouraged to bring much needed supplies to the shelter. The Troop visited The Bristol assisted living residence to make cat toys with the residents and spread the word that senior citizens can have an impact on the lives of shelter animals. 

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