Friday, July 7, 2017

GSNC Top Cookie Sellers 2017

2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program 500+ Club

Girl Scouts of Nassau County would like to thank all families who participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. You have given your children an opportunity to learn about goal setting, decision making, people skills, money management and business ethics, which are known as “The 5 Skills”, a key element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Congratulations to our 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program 500+ Club

5000+ Boxes                      
Isabella I.             Massapequa Association                             

2000+ Boxes                      
Lily M.                   Bay Association
Maya T.                  Hardscrabble Association
Shayla M.               Massapequa Association
Isabella R.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jessica D.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Alexa S.                 Valley Stream/Five Towns Association                  

1000+ Boxes                      
Maya V.                  Bay Association
Gia I.                      Bay Association
Charlotte P.            ELLM Association
Payton L.               ELLM Association
Jaida M.                 ELLM Association
Brooke B.              ELLM Association
Anaya E.               Elmont Association
Maggie G.            Garden City Association
Emily Z.               Garden City Association
Katie G.                Garden City Association
Kelly R.                Hardscrabble Association
Adriana B.            Hardscrabble Association
Aalana W.             Hicksville Association
Grace R.               Hicksville Association
Jillian G.              Hicksville Association
Alexandra M.       Jericho/Syosset Association
Kaitlyn  C.           Jericho/Syosset Association
Elizabeth M.        Jericho/Syosset Association
Gabriella A.         Massapequa Association
Mackenzie C.       Massapequa Association
Brooke B.            Roosevelt Association
Lauren B.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Patsy L.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Stella F.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Hope C.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Caroline T.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Khloe G.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Isabella H.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Valentina F.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jocelyn C.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Kayla B.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Blair G.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Karina R.           Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Kaylie G.           Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Christina R.       W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Jasmine E.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association                       
900+ Boxes                        
Kayla C.             Hardscrabble Association
Angela P.            Seaford/Wantagh Association                   
800+ Boxes                        
Jamie C.              Herricks Association
Ava C.                 Massapequa Association
Emmelia C.         Park Association
700+ Boxes                        
Ella A.                Bellmore Association
Ilyana K.             East Meadow Association
Skylar E.             East Meadow Association
Angela G.           Hardscrabble Association
Emmalee R.        Hardscrabble Association
Abigail P.            Island Beach Association
Lauren Y.            Island Beach Association
Alexia G.            Jericho/Syosset Association
Aliyah J.             Oceanside Association
Caraline S.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Imani B.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Aracelys L.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Jaidylex L.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madsyn P.          W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Rebecca S.         WARM Association         
600+ Boxes                        
Jessica B.            Baldwin Association
Eleanor K.           Baldwin Association
Taylor Y.             Baldwin Association
Kathryn B.          Bay Association
Emma K.             Bellmore Association
Maya G.              East Meadow Association
Samantha P.         East Meadow Association
Rachel S.             East Meadow Association
Brookelynne B.   East Meadow Association
Dana K.               East Meadow Association
Pamela M.           ELLM Association
Brooke S.            Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Gwendolyn T.     Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Riya M.               Garden City Association
Stephania M.       Glen Cove Association
Anjali J.               Herricks Association
Stephanie C.        Hicksville Association
Rachel F.             Hicksville Association
Sophia M.           Island Beach Association
Lauren P.            Jericho/Syosset Association
Erin A.               Jericho/Syosset Association
Shannon R.        Manhasset Association
Samantha E.       Massapequa Association
Caterina M.        Merrick Association
Juliana T.           Merrick Association
Gia C.                Oceanside Association
Valentina K.       Oceanside Association
Kennedy T.        Roosevelt Association
Jayda H.             Roosevelt Association
Olivia F.             Seaford/Wantagh Association
Isabella S.          Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexa M.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Cassandra N.      Seaford/Wantagh Association
Francesca C.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexandra P.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Georgia M.         Seaford/Wantagh Association
Samantha F.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Liliana C.           Seaford/Wantagh Association
Faith S.               Seaford/Wantagh Association
Amanda P.         The Plains Association
Shannon E.        Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Audrey S.          Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emma P.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Carolina F.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emily V.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Noel C.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Arianna G.          Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madison K.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Krista B.             W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Eugenia A.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
500+ Boxes                        
Chelsea P.             Baldwin Association
Gabriela L.           Baldwin Association
Evangeline R.      Bay Association
Catherine S.         Bay Association
Julia N.                Bay Association
Samantha M.       Bay Association
Genamarie K.      Bellmore Association
Alessandra L.      Bellmore Association
Megan C.            Central Park Association
Emily S.              Central Park Association
Jamie C.              East Meadow Association
Allison S.            East Meadow Association
Sevi O.                East Meadow Association
Zoey R.               East Meadow Association
Kiley G.              East Meadow Association
Mackenzie G.     East Meadow Association
Kate A.               ELLM Association
Emily C.             ELLM Association
Lyla G.                ELLM Association
Mya H.                Elmont Association
Alison G.             Floral Park/Bellerose Association
Gabriella T.          Freeport Association
Courtney F.          Garden City Association
Anjali M.             Garden City Association
Rebecca D.          Garden City Association
Alexis C.             Hardscrabble Association
Ashley T.            Hardscrabble Association
Elizabeth H.        Hardscrabble Association
Imani J.               Hempstead Association
Saige H.              Hicksville Association
Lia S.                  Hicksville Association
Brianna H.          Island Beach Association
Sophia B.            Island Beach Association
Ruby P.               Island Beach Association
Arianna B.          Manhasset Association
Eden B.               Massapequa Association
Madison G.         Merrick Association
Lauren O.            Oceanside Association
Domenica V.       Oceanside Association
Emma O.            Oceanside Association
Heather K.          Plainedge Association
Emma F.             Plainedge Association
Camille C.          Rockville Centre Association
Michaela R.        Rockville Centre Association
Jessica N.            Roosevelt Association
Madison N.         Roosevelt Association
Jordyn B.            Seaford/Wantagh Association
Alexis C.             Seaford/Wantagh Association
Cassandra S.       Seaford/Wantagh Association
Madelyn S.         Shore Association
Abigail Z.           The Plains Association
Sophia D.            The Plains Association
Isabelle D.           The Plains Association
Shayna C.            The Plains Association
Angelina G.         The Plains Association
Kirstin D.             The Plains Association
Breanna O.           The Plains Association
Destini C.             The Plains Association
Daniella P.            Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Peta-Gail G.         Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Maria D.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Gwen S.               Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Emma M.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Isabella D.             Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Taylor M.              Valley Stream/Five Towns Association
Madeleine V.         W.Hemp/Fr.Sq. Association
Kyla S.                   WARM Association
Aoife D.                 WARM Association
Samaiya L.             WARM Association

The Cookie Program would not be possible without the assistance of 2000+ “Cookie Support Staff” – our Troop Cookie Managers and Troop Leaders. In addition, we appreciate the dedication of our Association Volunteers: Cookie Chairs, Drop Site Coordinators, Booth Site Coordinators, Rewards Coordinators and Cupboard Managers. See the list of names to the right.
Association Cookie Volunteer
Tricia K.             Baldwin
Michelle M.        Bay
Lynn S.               Bellmore
Regina B.            Bellmore
Joanna P.             Carle Pl/Westbury
Jessica G.            Central Park
Tracy G.              Central Park
Nancy R.             East Meadow
Rhonda B.           ELLM
Jennifer M.          Elmont
Lydia B.               Floral Park
Colleen H.           Freeport
Kerry C.             Garden City
Maria C.             Glen Cove
Meewon C.         Great Neck
Betty G.              Great Neck
Carolyn B.          Hardscrabble
Khin C.               Herricks
Deborah H.         Hicksville 
Kate P.                 Island Beach
Jenny B.              Island Beach
Karissa N.           Island Beach
Fran O.                Jericho/Syosset
Maria I.               Manhasset
Suzanne M.         Massapequa
Karen D.              Massapequa
Lori D.                 Merrick
Christie V.            Oceanside
Maria V.               Oceanside
Lily C.                  Park
Marie F.                Plainedge
Lisa R.                  Port Washington
Eileen W.              Rockville Centre
June H.                 Roosevelt
Kathleen F.           Seaford/Wantagh
Kerri S.                 Seaford/Wantagh
Emilee S.              Shore
Cheryl D.              The Plains
Sonija A.              Uniondale
Jo Ann S.              V. Stream/Five Towns
Lorraine P.            V. Stream/Five Towns
Tammy M.            V. Stream/Five Towns
Helen M.               V. Stream/ Five Towns
Terry B.                W. Hempstead
Lauri T.                 

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