Friday, April 21, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Day is April 22!

Dear Girl Scout Volunteer;

Without you, a GSNC Volunteer, the lives of many girls in our community would be missing a vital connection. Their connection to one another, to their community, to their current friends and friends they have yet to make, and their connection to you. Because you do what you do as a Mom, Dad, Aunt, Grandparent, Friend and Girl Scout Volunteer, girls’ lives are impacted in the most positive way.

Every badge or award, every event, every Girl Scout meeting, every recitation of the Promise & Law, every little thing you do…makes a positive impact that is priceless to the girls you lead and support. 


Because The Girl

By Mimi Murray, a GSUSA National Operational Volunteer

Because the girl has a need, we have an obligation.
Because the girl has a choice, we must be her better choice.
Because the girl has high expectations, we must excel.
Because the girl wants to explore, we must be her guide.
Because the girl wants to belong, we must open our arms.
Because the girl is searching for direction, we must be her compass.
Because the girl encounters times of turmoil, we must be her safe haven.
Because the girl is tomorrow’s woman, we must care today.
Because of the girl…we exist.

Thank you to each of our incredible volunteers.

Every day you deliver services to girls that transform their future.

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