Friday, March 10, 2017

Hosting Your Troop Meetings During the Summer Months

Although it might be cold out now, the weather this past summer was delightful…

Brownie Troop #2170, from Island Beach Association, took advantage of the beautiful days and had Troop meetings throughout the summer…

They met 5 times and the majority of the meetings were outside. “We were so grateful for the weather and that we had those beautiful Tuesday afternoons.” said Mindi, Co-Leader. The girls played on the playground and utilized games and art activities to get to know each other. They each said something interesting about themselves. This got them smiling and laughing with each other, quickly. We brought to their attention their uniqueness. Sitting at picnic tables that windy day, they learned how to use their resources wisely, using shells as paper weights when the wind picked up. The girls got to use their problem solving skills when they worked together to complete a scavenger hunt at the beach and park.

After reading Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Good Deed, we worked in groups to brainstorm how we could help our community. As a Troop, they decided to clean up our community beach. The girls worked together in pairs to pick up garbage and recycling on our beach. The locals on the beach that day were grateful, they clapped and took our picture. The girls felt amazing when they received the instant positive feedback. Their smiles and giggles said it ALL!

Sammi Hoop taught the girls new hula hoop moves and some girls had more trouble than others. What a learning experience. They learned how to respect each other and that everyone has different strengths.

All in all, our “Summer Troop” was fabulous.

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