Friday, October 21, 2016

What is a Troop Crest?

Did you know… the first Girl Scout Troops reportedly did not have Troop numbers, they had Troop crests to identify themselves? Today, Troop crests are used as a symbol of a Troop's goals or main interests. Once a Troop chooses a crest that has special meaning to them, it is used for the life of that Troop and can be placed on the uniform of each girl in the Troop.

This is a good way to bring scouts together in a Troop around a common goal, particularly if the Troop is multi-level, or made up of girls from different schools, etc.

Who can have a Troop Crest?

All Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Troops.

How do we choose which Troop Crest we should have?

The girls in the Troop should vote on which crest meaning describes the Troop the best. We suggest to read the meanings of each crest out loud to your Troop, but don't tell them what the crest is or show them a picture of the crest.

Where can I purchase the Troop Crest for my Troop?

Once your Troop has selected their Troop crest, visit us at the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Shop or visit your local Girl Scout Shop to make your purchase.

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