Friday, September 2, 2016

Banking Tips for Girl Scouts of Nassau County Troop Leaders

Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

To save time and extra trips to the bank make sure you have done the following BEFORE opening your account:

  • Choose a Bank – (consult your Association Service Team for bank suggestions)
  • Decide who will be on the account - Required is a minimum of 2 signatures –one of the Troop Leaders and the other a member of the Association Service Team (Treasurer or CAV).
  • Request a letter from Council on Council letterhead: Once you have the names of the signers, the bank you wish to open the account in, and your Troop number, go to our website’s Forms/Documents Library and click on Bank Account Request Web Form. Or, contact your volunteerism or membership staff person to assist you.
  • Once you receive the letter (which also indicates the Council’s ID number) you can go to the bank and get signature cards for your new account.
IMPORTANT: Remember to indicate that all bank statements be mailed to the Leader’s address - not the Council’s address.

*These Banking Tips are specific to Girl Scouts of Nassau County Council.

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