Friday, June 10, 2016

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully!

Buddy Bench Bronze Award Project

by Girl Scout Troop 3095

Hi! We are Troop 3095 from Jericho. This year we worked on our Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. For our Bronze Award, we decided to address the issue of loneliness on the playground. We didn’t want to see children afraid to join in with a group or to feel left out. So, we decided to donate a Buddy Bench to each of our 3 Elementary Schools. A Buddy Bench prevents bullying and is a great way to make new friends. 

In order to pay for our benches, we had to sell A LOT of Girl Scout Cookies. Our goal was to sell 2,500 boxes and we actually sold 2,822 boxes!! We sold to our family and friends, went door to door and had a lot of booth sales. With our cookie money, we were able to buy 3 Buddy Benches and 3 plaques to put on the benches. The plaque says, “Buddy Bench donated by Girl Scout Troop 3095”.  We even had some money left over to have a pizza party to celebrate all of our hard work!!

The Bronze Award was the biggest project we have participated in so far as Girl Scouts. We each had to put in a minimum of 20 hours to complete this project!  Some of us were even able to put in more than the required 20 hours. To get the hours we did things like attend our meetings, attend booth sales, put together the benches and make a video. Putting together the benches was a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. We loved seeing the finished project when we were done!

To spread the word, we decided to make a YouTube video with the help of our Principal and Music teacher. That was A LOT of fun and we LOVED making it!! Once the benches are installed at the schools, the video is going to be shown to all of the students. It will teach them about the purpose of the Buddy Bench. This video will be shown to the students every year so incoming students always know about it. To watch the video click on the link:

We also attended our District Board of Ed meeting where we explained our project and were recognized for our efforts. It was fun to stand on stage in front of everyone and we think we did a great job!

By completing this project, we hope that students in the Jericho Elementary Schools will continue to be kind to each other and include others at recess. We want to inspire all of the students to help make a difference and to prevent bullying from happening. We also discovered that we can do anything that we put our minds to and we can make a difference! So, let’s go out and “Make New Friends”!!


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