Friday, August 14, 2015

GSNC's Camp Blue Bay – A Safe and Fun Camp for Girls

It’s a hot, August Summer day and the girls at Camp Blue Bay are all smiles excited for all the activities they have planned. For a first time visitor who never experienced camp as a child, I was excited to see what it was like and why parents would feel safe sending their kids to a sleepaway camp. Camp Blue Bay, a beautiful property located in East Hampton, NY with many hiking trails and a private beach, opened my eyes about the camp experience and seeing the girls having so much fun is reason enough for parents to send their girls to Camp Blue Bay.

Everyone at Camp Blue Bay was warm and welcoming, from the staff to the campers. Girls of all ages, Girl Scouts and Non-Girl Scouts, interacted with each other.  Although it was hot out, the girls didn’t seem to mind spending time in their tents just talking, joking, and spending time together. Camp counselors were always close by ready to direct them to their next activity. While I explored the camp, I saw many types of activities going on like arts and crafts, sports, games, songs, swimming, and I can imagine much more. During these activities the girls always worked together and helped each other when needed. Each group of girls I encountered seemed to have developed a close bond, a good point to consider when thinking about sending your child to Camp Blue Bay. There was an overall safe and happy atmosphere throughout the entire camp and among all the girls.

A safe-environment would be a major concern for me when sending my child to camp, but after visiting Camp Blue Bay I didn’t feel this is an issue at all. The camp director’s office, the nurse’s office, staff office, and dining hall are located near each other which is a reassurance for any parent. It is closed in and as you walk around the camp you will find girls in various areas either relaxing or participating in fun-interactive activities supervised by their camp counselors.

Camp Blue Bay exceeded my expectations and gave me a glimpse of what a traditional camping experience would be like. The on-site director was very accommodating and made sure I felt comfortable at all times. Camp Blue Bay provides a diverse camping experience for girls to make new friends, get away from technology and explore the outdoors, develop interpersonal skills, and most importantly, create lifelong memories.

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