Friday, March 6, 2015

Girl Scout Troop Scavenger Hunt

According to a study of girls, “The New Normal?” explored by the Girl Scout Research Institute, “…Being healthy was repeatedly described not only as eating right and looking good, but also as feeling good about oneself and having good relationships with one’s peers.[1]”  Healthy Living is a balance between the physical, the emotional, and the social well being.  This month, we are going to be social by learning about the people who are around us.

Each week you meet with a group of girls who all share a common activity… Girl Scouts.  You meet with these girls to work on interest projects, sell Girl Scout Cookies, and do community service.  But what can you tell me about the girl sitting across from you?  Could you tell me what her favorite food is or what some of her dreams are?

This Health Living Initiatives Activity is about getting to know the girls who are in your Troop.  Attached you will find the Girl Scout Troop Scavenger Hunt.  Print out enough copies for every person in your Girl Scout Troop (leaders included).  At the beginning of the Troop meeting, hand out the Girl Scout Troop Scavenger Hunt and a pen.  With the other members of the Troop, read through the directions at the top of the scavenger hunt page.  Have everyone start at the same time.  Have fun.  Conversations are encouraged.

Post Activity Discussion Questions
  • What is something new you learned about the person sitting next to you? Across from you?
  • Did you find someone in your Troop that has a similar interest as you? If so, what is that common interest?
  • Now that you know something new about some of the other girls in your Troop, do you feel as if you know them better?  Do you see them differently than you did ten minutes ago?

[1] 1. Girl Scout Research Institute. (2006). The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living. New York, NY: Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

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