Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top Five Tips for Girl Scout Leaders

Top Five Tips for Girl Scout Leaders

  1. Keep it FUN for the girls and for YOU.  If it isn't fun for you, it won't be fun for them! 
  2. Build a team of support for the girls and the Troop Leaders.  Most people will help if you ask, and more people will help if you give them a specific task. So, don’t be afraid to ask!
  3. Be gracious and generous to ALL the girls in your Troop and to their parents, even the parents who are difficult.
  4. Give every girl a ROLE in the Troop, and a VOICE IN THE CHOICE.  Let GIRLS LEAD at levels that are age and developmentally appropriate. 
  5. If YOUR DAUGHTER is in your Troop, help her to be part of the Troop, not your special helper.

Special thanks to Joyce Wagner, Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Chief Mission Delivery Officer, for her input on this edition.

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