Friday, April 11, 2014

Great Ways to Say Thank You!

Each year, April 22 is dedicated to showing appreciation towards those Girl Scout Leaders and Girl Scout Volunteers who have helped build girls of courage, confidence, and character. Showing your appreciation and thankfulness for your Girl Scout Volunteers is important, because without them, you and your daughter’s Girl Scouting experience would not be possible. These volunteers provide a fun and unique experience, which will help turn our girls into the leaders of tomorrow.

So, what are some fun and unique ways we can say “thank you” other than just saying those two word…“thank you”? Try some of these great ideas

  • Bake them something...other than cookies because let’s face it we all have tons of cookies in our homes. Cakes and cupcakes are great because girls can do their own decorating and put a message on top for their Girl Scout Leader... baking also allows your Girl Scout to work towards some more badges.
  • Hand-make a “Thank You” Card… Making a card will allow your Girl Scout to get creative. It will also allow her to express why she is thankful for her Girl Scout Leader.
  • Write a Poem or a Song… If your Girl Scout loves to write or sing or play a musical instrument, she can use her interests and talents to her advantage. She can express her feelings in a way that interests her… this is another great way to work towards that Junior Musician badge. 
  • Make her a special mug! Does your Girl Scout Leader love coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Make a special mug, just for your volunteer using ceramic mugs and oil based paint markers…. This doesn’t have to only be done on a mug; you can make plates too! Visit our Pinterest Page for Directions.
  • Buy the Volunteer Appreciation patch from the Girl Scout Shop. Visit for a whole assortment of Girl Scout Volunteer Patches.

Remember, these ideas are great, but a saying “Thank You” throughout the year will show how much you appreciate your Girl Scout Leader and Girl Scout Volunteer!

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