Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Letter Home: A Day at Camp Blue Bay Sleepaway Camp! By Guest Blogger Catherine Mottola-King

Dear Mom,

Camp Blue Bay is great!  Each day starts with a counselor waking you up and telling you what you’ll need for the day.  Don’t worry, they remind me to put on sunscreen and brush my teeth.  

Canoeing at Camp Blue Bay
Before breakfast, there is a flag ceremony.  Then we eat!  We can sit wherever we want, so I like to sit with my friends (I’ve made a ton... some are Girl Scouts, some aren't, but that's okay because you don't have to be a Girl Scout to go to Girl Scout Camp), my sister (she’s in a different unit), and my favorite swimming counselor.  My favorite breakfast is muffin Monday.  I also have 2 bowls of cereal, they have lots of kinds to choose from.

After breakfast, we met back up with our unit so that we could head for boating.  We sang songs the whole way there.  We put on our PFDs to get ready.  I’m taking canoeing lessons this week.  Today, I learned how to paddle forward and backwards and turn the canoe around.  My friends and I had a great time trying to race the other canoes across the creek.

Friends Working Together at Sleepaway Camp
After canoeing, we went to the sports field for initiatives.  This is one of my favorite activities.  We play lots of games where we all have to work together and there’s no winner.  It’s so much more fun than gym class in school!  We play human knot, where everyone sticks their hands into the circle and grabs other people’s hands.  Then we have to figure out how to “untie the knot” without dropping hands.

Reading During Rest Hour at Camp
Next, it was off to lunch!  Tacos, yum!  After lunch, we had brownies for dessert, and the whole dining hall sings silly songs while we ate them.  After lunch was rest hour, we played board games in our unit, hung out with our friends, and had time to write home and tell you all about the fun we’re having!  

Next is campcraft.  In campcraft, we learn camping skills, like pitching tents and building fires.  This week, we’re learning how to use compasses to find our way.  Today, our counselor gives us coordinates to follow that lead us down a trail.  I can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned!

Swim Lessons at Camp Blue Bay
Afterwards, it’s swimming!  We get lessons first, and our teacher is awesome.  I’m learning how to do sidestroke.  We play a few water games, work on our strokes, and then get time to play Marco Polo before it’s time to get out.  Then, we hit the showers.  The counselors help us wash and do our hair.  The whole unit heads off to dinner wearing pigtails, even the counselors!  After taking the flag down, we eat!  The salad bar is my favorite part of dinner.

After dinner, there are Interest Groups.  We can choose any activity we want.  Some of my friends are going to water aerobics, but I’m excited about tie-dye.  I can’t wait to show you the t-shirt I made!  It’s been a full day, so, we’re heading back to the unit to open our mail, read our books, and head for bed!  I’ll write more tomorrow! 

Thanks for sending me to sleepaway camp!

Your Blue Bay camper 

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