Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Girl Scouts?

Why Girl Scouts? Why not sports or music or dance or a nice nap on the couch after school?

The reason is simple. Girl Scouts is the only place that you can do some very cool things. (And, for those girls and families who wish to do more, being a Girl Scout still allows time for sports, music, religious school, play dates and naps!)

In Girl Scouting you have common values, found in the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Lots of organizations have value systems, but ours is inclusive of any girl who wants to join regardless of her talent, skills, ability to pay or her own faith or cultural heritage.

Girls Scouts have the Girl Scout Leadership Experience where they Discover, Connect and Take Action. Our Journey curriculums allow girls to forge their paths through relationships, our environment and storytelling. Badges and awards teach girls practical skills and allow them to reach high and try things that they have not tried before. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards demonstrate a girl's skills, perseverance and commitment to making the world a better place. This is where leadership develops and grows.   

Girl Scouts have access to camping and other outdoor opportunities. They can focus on science or music or community service - or all three! The list of activities available to girls is almost as big as their imaginations. If there is something that girls want to know or do, you can bet that a Girl Scout somewhere has explored that option. From horseback riding to Space Camp, robotics to Broadway, Camp CEO to sing-a-longs – the sky is the limit!

Girl Scouts learn and earn. Through the Girl Scout Entrepreneurial Programs every girl has the chance to build skills in goal setting, decision making, money management, working with people and business ethics. These skills will empower them in school, in work and in their families for many years to come. The Girl Scout Cookie Program makes it possible for every girl to be part of the fun regardless of her family's financial resources. No one is ever turned away from Girl Scouts!

Values, skills and financial sufficiency are important to parents and girls. But, according to our Girl Scouts, what means the most to them is the FUN and friendships that they make. Yes, they are learning, earning, growing, leading AND having FUN! So please, join us!

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