Monday, January 4, 2010

The Sky is the limit!

When Girl Scout Troops begin to set their goals for the Troop year, they usually sit in a circle, on the floor, around a table or spread around a room.  The first step is to share ideas, and this is often done in a process called “brainstorming.”  Girls can make a list of things they want to do together. And, the sky is the limit. (Girls can speak out, write down their ideas, or do both  -- Eventually someone needs to start writing the ideas on a big list!) Everyone should practice the Girl Scout Promise and Law while they are brainstorming by being respectful and kind and a sister to everyone in the group!
What kind of ideas could you hear?
  • Someone might want to learn how to do a special craft (knitting, painting, ceramics?).
  • Someone might suggest the group work towards going on a camping trip.
  • Girls can look in Possibilities for all kinds of Girl Scout activities.  
  • Girls might want to work toward going to see a play or attend a concert. 
  • Some Troops begin planning big TRIPS a couple of years in advance – (Did you know that Troops in Nassau have been to Europe, on Cruises, to the Girl Scout birthplace in Savannah and to Disney World?). 
  • Troops can also explore ways to serve their community – through contributing to a worthy cause and by donating their time and efforts to make their world a better place. 
Once everyone has had the opportunity to discuss what she would like to see the Troop do for the year, it is time to begin the process of narrowing down …
Some items on the list might be very easy to do or not cost much money.  Leaders and girls can work together to figure out dollar costs, time and effort needed to reach various goals. Not necessarily setting a budget (yet!), but getting a “rough idea” of what will be involved with every great idea in terms of dollars, time and commitment. Any and all ideas can be great – even silly, outrageous, or expensive ideas can be great ideas --  but not every idea is doable for a Girl Scout Troop.  I trust that girls and their Leaders will be able to figure out the “doable” ideas from the ones that just won’t work.
Sometimes an idea will easily rise to the top and all the girls will just agree that this is the project/service/trip they want to do. But sometimes there will not be agreement. Then girls need to decide how they will make a decision! (More to come in my next entry – stay tuned!).

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