Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Goals for Girls

For this year’s upcoming Girl Scout Cookie Program® we are focusing on goal setting as a tool for each girl to learn valuable business skills that will help her as she moves forward in life, and that will aid each girl and her Troop to become more self-sufficient and able to do more things – with less money from parents.  Things such as trips, activities, and projects that support community action and service.
This year, in addition to earning Cookie Credits, each girl and her family can chose to track funds toward her Girl Scout activities.  – Parents, please speak to your Troop Leader for more info on this option.

So now the question is, what kind of goals are appropriate for a Girl Scout Troop, or for an individual girl?  Here are some examples that girls in Nassau County and across the country have set for their goals in recent years…

Troops may want to work toward:
  • Travel – A special camping adventure, a visit to a dude ranch, a trip to the Girl Scout birthplace in Savannah, a visit to Disney World, or a tour to Europe
  • Activities – Seeing a play, going to a concert, visiting museums, going to the zoo, taking a class in jewelry making or judo or horseback riding – or choosing one of the dozens of activities published in Possibilities
  • Projects/Community Service/Take Action – Educating the community about an issue of importance to the girls, supporting other community agencies such as police and fire, taking on a project to help conserve natural resources or serving people in need, supporting an effort to impact girls or children in far-away places whose lives may be very different from girls in Nassau County.
Individual girls can set their sights toward earning “Cookie Credits” that can help their families to cover the costs for Girl Scout Camp, Troop activities, events sponsored by the Council or advertised in Possibilities, as well as be used to fund Girl Scouts of the USA Destinations.  
Having a goal without a plan is just a wish. Once each Troop and each girl decides on the goal, they/she must decide the steps necessary to reach that goal. This year Girl Scouts is able to offer every girl and every Troop terrific tools for making their plans. Check out the Girl Scout Cookie Club for all the details on setting goals and making plans!! And Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can become CEOs – Cookie Entrepreneur Officers.  This site offers even more details on how to develop effective and workable plans.
Now that Girl Scouts can use the internet to help market their Girl Scout Cookie® campaign, girls have even more tools and resources at the ready!  Girls can ask family and friends to support the Girl Scout Cookie Program in person, through an email using the safe resources of the Cookie Club website or by making a phone call to people that they know.  Girls (accompanied by an adult) can also knock on doors and participate in Cookie Booth Sales.  
So good luck to all the Girl Scouts of Nassau County as Cookie season approaches! 2010 is a great year for selling Cookies! 

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